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Hana Martin and Charles Ohanwe  - MC's

Terry Lewis - DJ

Jemma Lewis

Sarah Coburn

Georgian Tanase

"Our annual acting awards are given to those hard working talented actors who have been outstanding in their development, or excelled in a particular area of their work this past year.

Congratulations to all of you!"  

Michael Duvall

Mark Brennan

Kathleen Ray

Oscar Fouda

Vitaliya Diaz

Bella Jones

Daniella Anselmi

Hana Martin

Jonathan Canizales

Rikke Haughem & Friends

Liam Smith

iA Best Actor

John Carr / Reece Mahdi

iA Best Actress

Kathleen Ray

iA Most Dramatic Actress

Daniela Anselmi

iA Most Dramatic Actor

Jonathan Canizales

iA Best Comedic Actress

Vitalia Diaz / Jemma Lewis

iA Best Comedic Actor

Gabi Stifani

iA Best New Comer Actress

Hana Martin / Ollie Jones

iA Best New Comer Actor

Charles Ohanwe

iA Most Improved Actress

Sarah Coburni

iA Most Improved Actor

Georgian Tanase

iA Best Director

Mark Brennan

iA Best Camera Operator

Oscar Fouda