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The IA Awards & Working Class Short Film Festival focuses on bringing actors and filmmakers together under one roof to celebrate each other’s craft through screenings, networking and awards presentations, coupled with complimentary food, drink and live music.

6 films will be shortlisted and screened at the event to industry professionals with the winner being announced on the night. All other submissions will be played over the course of the event on monitors around the venue whilst guest's network.

iA Awards & Working Class

Short Film

Festival 2023

Instinctual Acting - Welcome to Acting in the 21st Century


Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Road

London, E1 6LA  

England, United Kingdom

A fantastic opportunity for creatives to review each others work and make connections for future collaborations.

Who knows? as a filmmaker you might find your new lead for your latest project.

And as an actor you could land your biggest role yet!

Awards & Prizes from Instinctual Acting

Best Short Film will receive £250

Best Actor will receive 1 year

scholarship to Instinctual Acting

Best Actress will receive 1 year

scholarship to Instinctual Acting

Dates and Times

March 1, 2023

Opening Date

November 16, 2023

Regular Deadline

December 1, 2023

Notification Date

December 16, 2023

Event Date