"I've been working with Michael for about 5 years now. When I first moved to London, my agent told me I was moving too much for camera acting and was being  "theatrical". Meeting Michael was my salvation. We worked privately and in class to improve acting for the camera.

He is a wonderful and inspiring teacher and gets you to dig deeper into the script, find your way to connect with the character and expand your technique.

Michael has helped me with preparing several auditions over the years.

Now even from a distance, we keep working together on every new project I get. Every acting session helps me improve my skills and develop a better view upon the story and characters I have to create.

Thank you Michael for being so awesome!"

"I met Michael over eight years ago when he's Soho acting class was recommend to me by a producer. He's classes where very different to the classes, course and workshops I'd previously attended and I found an honest harsh truth in Michael's approach to teaching that I connected with and has assisted me move forwards with my career with some very useful tools.

Fast forward to 2017 and I still enjoy working with Michael on a one to one basis and what a journey we've had working from page to screen on many occasions on Film and TV projects.

Weekly we work on all areas of the craft including preparing for auditions and if successful going even deeper into the essence of the character assisting me to life the life and deliver memorable on screen performances.

I've grown massively over the years and my fire for doing great work grows stronger by the day. Michael is an essential part of my team and someone I'm proud to call a friend.

Cengiz Dervis 'Actor'

''KNIGHTFALL'' (History),

''RETRIBUTION'' (Amazon Prime, Sky)",

''BY ANY NAME'' (Amazon Prime),


(Amazon Prime, Netflix)

Indeed it is this attention to detail and thorough insight into the instinctual art of screen acting that got me noticed on set and has meant I was cast in other roles. I can only attribute this success to Michael's training.

I still see him regularly working on audition roles and also further honing my screen acting skills.

I consider him an integral part of my team and also a close friend."

"I first began training with Michael just over seven years ago as was eager

to develop my craft as a screen actor with the ultimate goal of developing a career for myself in TV

& Film internationally.

As a former athlete and model I'd done some TV work but was completely and utterly raw in front of camera to begin with. Under Michael's tutelage and with his passion and unrelenting pursuit of excellence I can unequivocally reflect on the past few years where my acting career has seen me travel the world working on several international films.

Two of which are large studio films that Michael guided me and helped me prepare my character thoroughly.

" I always knew I wanted to become a professional actress from a very young age and when it became apparent that the Drama School route was not going to be an option for me, (after many years and a lot of expense trying) I was left deflated and confused as I was always led to believe that if I wanted to be an actress, I had to go to Drama School. I knew I had talent and ambition, but neither of those was really going to give me a long lasting career in the industry if I did not know how to develop skills and did not have a strong foundation of good training to support me.

Fortunately a friend of mine recommended his acting coach, Michael Duvall as an alternative option to Drama School. He gave me the most inspiring description of the work that Michael does to strip away all of the 'acting' and instead become real and believable on camera. I met with Michael and within a couple of months had moved from my rural upbringing in Cumbria, to the big city of London so I could train properly with him.

"My name is MJ Lee and I'm an actor regularly going to Instinctual Acting with Michael Duvall. Michael's concept of 'instinctual acting' is the reason that I am able to connect to characters. I am challenged every time I walk through the door when I go into workshops or work one-to-one with Michael. His idea of just trusting my instincts has pushed me to probe both my craft as an actor and myself as a person.

The confidence I have in this method of acting will carry me throughout the longevity of my career."

Actor | Creative instagram.com/mjaylee facebook.com/mjlee.dance

"Studying under Michael really helps drive forward true instincts and limits the over-intellectualising that held me back for many years. Such a simple and true technique has taught me how to construct a working method that suits me. What excites me more, is that I've only scratched the surface of what iA can offer and already the way I approach the industry has changed greatly.

This is a concept that will shape the way future actors build their careers, there is no doubt."

“I joined Instinctual Acting because I believe you should constantly train and work at your craft but, I didn’t know that iA would become such a huge part of my life. Not only have I learnt a whole new approach to acting but I have learnt so much about the industry, connected with amazing actors and become a part of a community."

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I started one to one sessions and weekly workshops at Instinctual Acting in 2013 and have not looked back since. I will continue to train with Michael for many more years to come, he literally has changed my life and helped me to develop my career in the acting industry in a way I never thought would be possible. Not only has he taught me the skills I need to understand scripts and deliver real performances, but he has taught me the invaluable lessons of how to conduct myself in the industry as a business professional too. I can't thank him enough for everything he has taught me and for the confidence he has given me to really make a good career for myself as an actress"

"I met Michael around two years ago when the idea of becoming an actor was still a dream in the back of my mind, after having been here for the short time that I have, I realise there is so much potential, potential which Michael has helped me realise over the years, and that it matters not just that i have it but how i use it. I am eternally grateful to Michael for helping me envisage a successful path in acting and

entertainment.  The connections I have made and the confidence I have developed, I am now really looking forward to seeing what my future has in store, with great excitement"