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Paul (Michael) Kelleher

Best Comedy Actor Male

Cally Forsythe

Best Comedy Actor Female

Alex Dillon

Best Newcomer Male

Dani Raza

Most Improved Male

Esmeralda Maloufi

Best Newcomer Female

Chido Kunene

Most Improved Female

Kathleen Sharrett

Best Dramatic Actor Female

Scarlett Carter

Best Female Actor

Abbie Steele

Actor with Presence Female

Luke Christian

Best  Male Actor

"Our annual Oscars are given to those hard working talented actors who have been outstanding in their development, or excelled in a particular area of their work this past year. Congratulations to all of you!"  

Michael Duvall

email: instinctualactinginfo@gmail.com

Contact No. 07855 740309

Kevin Dixon

Best Dramatic Actor Male

Isaac Money

Actor With Presence Male

Photo: Kirill Kuletski

Photo: Kim Hardy

Photo: Nicholas Dawkes