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Karencho Khach

Best Comedic Actor

“Winning this award makes me realise how far I have come in my life so far. It encourages me to stay even stronger mentally and to keep pushing forward in my daily routine in order to get one step closer to my passion for acting.”

Ivana Radjenovic

Best Comedic Actress

“It means so much to know that hard work pays off. Working with Michael has taught me so much and enhanced my tools as an actress and artist. Learning to trust my instincts has given me a bigger palette of colours to work with. Thank you to Michael, my family and agent. Couldn't have made it without you all!"

Enrico Love

Best Male Newcomer

"It is truly a privilege to be able to explore and free the different aspects of my personality. Yet, to be celebrated on this journey of self-discovery is extremely humbling and gratifying."  

Kevin Dixon

Most Improved Actor

"Very proud to have won my award. Michael has really helped open me up into a much more versatile and confident actor. I've put a lot of effort, focus and commitment into classes, so winning this award has proven I'm making progress and heading in the right direction. Hopefully it's the first of many awards!"

Sarita Lorenzo

Best Female Newcomer

"When I won the award for best newcomer, my name was called about three times before I actually believed I had won. It is often the case that in creative spheres, we don't see our potential as clearly as others do. Michael saw hidden potential in me and grew it. I believe he will continue to do this until it is so evident that I will see it, along with the rest of the world. Instinctual acting is a big family of talented people that all support each other, headed by a loving dad that watches every step."

Chido Kunene

Most Improved Actress

"Winning this Oscar is a true testament that hard work and consistency pays off. Thank you MD for believing in me and many others. I see my growth and I look forward to seizing the opportunities that are coming my way. Here's to many more OSCARS"

Adam Shepherd

Best Dramatic Actor

"Winning the award for me is more than the physical award that accompanied it. It represents to me progress and understanding. Coach Duvall has taught me everything I know, literally.

After listening and trusting his philosophy and working along side some inspiring actors, it has helped me to develop in many areas. I am happy with the process I have made in the last few years and I'm still enjoying the journey. Looking forward to many lessons at Instinctual Acting for years to come."

Christie Peto

Best Dramatic Actress

"I felt grateful to win the award, and it encouraged me to push on even further. Switching for stage to screen acting wasn't an easy transition for me, but Michael and the Actors have helped me come a long way in the past two years."

Eloise Dixon

Best Actress

"I will always remember my first workshop at Instinctual Acting and I came away from it feeling like I had SO far to go to get even close to the level of some of my fellow actors. What Michael has really helped me to realise is that it isn't a race. Everyone is on their own journey.

Once I accepted that then I felt like something just clicked in my head and I completely opened up as an actress. I trust Michael with my whole heart and he has helped me become the actress I am today, the one that got up and accepted that award."

Karolina Conchet

Best Actress

"I felt honoured that I got the award for the best actress. I really feel that my time at Instinctual Acting makes me grow in acting and in life. This award is like a sign to tell me: Yes you are! Keep on going!

I am grateful for this award but mostly grateful to have found an environment where I can create with talented actors from all different backgrounds. To mistakes and success!"

Jarren Dalmeda

Best Actor

"It was a great feeling to be recognised for my work throughout the year at Instinctual Acting. I really appreciate being part of such a good acting workshop, where I'm constantly given the opportunities to develop and sharpen my skills - thank you!!"

"Our annual Oscars are given to those hard working talented actors who have been outstanding in their development, or excelled in a particular area of their work this past year. Congratulations to all of you!"  

Michael Duvall


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