MONDAY EVENING  6.00pm till 8.30pm

Moveable Monologues

One short monologue must be prepared for this workshop

or: Commercials

A short piece will be given to you on arrival

Both workshops also teach you how to bring a presence in

front of the camera.

TUESDAY EVENING  6.00pm till 9.30pm

Audition Night

You will be given a script in which you must

learn one scene for the workshop.

This workshop explores audition techniques, how to cold read

and how to work in front of the camera.

WEDNESDAY EVENING 6.00pm till 9.30pm

Invite only

Shooting a film or tv script.

This workshop works on a 4 week cycle, including rehearsal, shooting on location and showing the edited work back.

Simplify your acting skills for film and tv learning to apply those skills to auditioning and working on a film or tv set.We can either shoot your Showreel in the studio or on location.

We have a central London flat that we use for location interiors but may be able to shoot at your home/workplace provided it is central and available at times convenient to us. Workshops daily Monday to Thursday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon class.

One to Ones, helping with video auditioning and showreels shot on location. Instinctual Acting welcomes you to the 21st you a new approach and works with your true instincts.

MICHAEL DUVALL - INSTINCTUAL ACTING 129a Whitfield Street The Audition House  London W1T 5EQ

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THURSDAY EVENING 6.00pm till 9.30pm

Block and shoot scenes from film and TV

Involves character work, blocking and shooting a script. You shall also be taught techniques of how to work in front of a camera. This workshop works on a 2 week cycle; shooting one week and showing back the scenes the following week.

FRIDAY EVENING 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Writers Lab is for a maximum of 6 actors who will work with screen writers twice a month to explore their new writing.

SATURDAY AM - 11.00 TO 12 noon

Shooting a film or tv script. This workshops works on a 4 week cycle, including rehearsal, shooting on location and showing the edited work back.

SATURDAY PM  - 2.45pm to 5.45pm


-    American / British Dialects and learning how to deliver

     speech at the right pace for camera.

-    Shooting Improv

-    Round-Up: Invite only with 5 actors maximum

Please make sure you email:

or text me on: 07855 740309 at some point on Sunday every week confirming which workshop you are in for the coming week. The limit on time to arrive for workshops is 30 minutes

max after class has begun.

email: / Contact No. 07855 740309