After a 15 year professional dance career touring the UK and Europe with numerous dance companies, Dan now works full time as a filmmaker working with 100’s of creatives and brands from all industries and disciplines, creating innovative and though provoking conceptual content. Dan also creates strong narrative based films working in a collective of filmmakers at the top of their game from around the world.

Marie has worked as a professional dancer, singer and actress for many years. Performing internationally and on live TV with many artists such as George Michael, Muse, Take That, Queen, Paloma Faith, Tom Jones, Years and Years and supported Rihanna on her UK tour. As an actress she has featured in numerous commercials, various soaps and film work.

Marie has also worked as a casting assistant for the last 8 years whilst casting her own projects and also teaching all levels and ages.

Dan and Marie have both worked extensively in front & behind the camera, with a combined background in dance, acting and singing. They also work in production – running castings, assisting casting directors, teaching, film-making and directing. Dan and Marie own and run The Audition House Casting Studio, which has had the privilege of hosting instinctual acting for a number of years now. Dan and Marie thoroughly enjoy working with the IA actors creating and exploring fresh ideas in their improvisation classes, shooting on location and in the studio.  They look forward to many more years of creativity to come!

William is an award-winning Writer/Director with both a BA & MA from The Met Film School, located in the prestigious Ealing Studios. His films have been well received in the UK & USA, qualifying for both Oscar & BAFTA consideration. William has gone on to receive nominations and wins at the world's largest black festival (PAFF) & largest youth festival (NFFTY). A former child actor, William now handles Masterclasses and panel on his experiences directing film.

Alex has always loved creating images, first with a pencil or brush then with a camera. After learning to edit and tell stories through moving images it became obvious what he should do for a living. He started working on film sets then moved to production & post production.

Alex is a huge people person and currently enjoying creating video content for various clients "The productions are always different and I find the combination of problem solving & creative autonomy to be very rewarding."When he is not working, you may find Alex travelling around or spending his hard earned money on making various films.

Josh is an award-winning cinematographer and creative director with his work screened and published around the world. In 2018 he was nominated for the Emerging Cinematographer Award by the British Society of Cinematographers. His portfolio comprises of work with a diverse range of clients including, Benefit Cosmetics, Wagamama, Grey Goose, Diesel clothing, The Ivy Restaurant and Parkinson's UK.

My name is Kai Fraser, I'm a young aspiring director/lighting camera man. I have around 5 years experience as a trainee/assistant camera on set for commercials, TV dramas and feature films. A brief list of the projects I have worked on include; Tarzan (feature film, 2016), Flat TV (BBC Drama, 2016), Hagaan Daz (commercial, 2013), Ford Mustang Starring Sienna Miller (commercial, 2013).

Alex is an actor, accent coach, and writer. He trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and specialises in accents foreign to the British Isles. As well as coaching individuals, Alex works as resident coach for productions in the West End, Shakespeare's Globe, and a range of other theatres in the U.K.

Izo FitzRoy is one of the UK's leading Voice and Dialect Specialists. Currently working as Head of Dialect on 'Matilda The Musical'. n 2010 she graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with an MA in Voice Studies. She has since worked at a number of renowned drama schools and universities throughout the UK including: Bristol Old Vic, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and Arts Ed.

Prior to her training in voice, Izo originally completed a MA in European Civilisation at the University of Glasgow, alongside a BA in Music Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Whilst studying in Glasgow, Izo set up her own Gospel choir, Great Sea Gospel Choir and began to work on her own music. When time and voice coaching commitments permit, she still performs with her band (insert link to music website: here), and with Great Sea Gospel Choir.

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"As the creator of Instinctual Acting, I'm so proud to list the following people as being a huge part of our ever growing success story and to have the very best of talent in their own particular fields of expertise and knowhow to work with benefits our Actors and Actresses in a way they will never forget. This class of 2020 is our greatest strength to date."

Michael Duvall


Eloise has been working for IA for just over a year and deals with all of the bookings for each workshop whilst also doing some of the general admin duties!

Eloise is an actress who has been with IA for four years. After graduating from The Poor School in 2015, she wanted to carry on her training and learn more about the business.Through word of mouth she heard about IA and has been with us ever since.